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Vivica Fox On Oral Hygiene

You might be wondering why an actress, like Vivica Fox, is talking about oral hygiene, and the truth is, if anyone should know about oral hygiene – it’s actors! They are constantly locking lips with complete strangers, and if oral hygiene is something an actor is not aware . . . think of how damaging […]

X-Rays Serve An Important Function

Have you ever noticed, when you’re being seen by either Dr. B, or his son Jonathan, that they inform you of x-rays AFTER they have inspected your mouth? There is a good reason for that. They need to visually inspect your mouth first, before they can make that call. And sometimes they’ll decide to do […]

Child Neglect For Having Cavities?

It is possible for a dentist to call up child services if they suspect a parent is neglecting their child’s oral care. Now with that being said, we don’t know how many of these cases have happened here in the U.S., but apparently they’re happening up in Canada. Regardless, parents are encouraged to take their […]

Diabetes Wrecks Havoc On Teeth

For years dentists have known that certain diseases can affect the health of their patients’ teeth, but this has always been based on anecdotal evidence. New research being conducted at Penn’s School of Dental Medicine has found that Diabetes is a direct cause of periodontitis in mice. If you, or someone you know, has this condition, […]