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Hypersalivation Can Cause Oral Problems

Hypersalivation is a condition where excess saliva is created, and ends up causing more damage to one’s oral health. Hypersalivation is caused by a whole host of issues, which can include jaw fractures or poor oral hygiene; but treating it comes with it’s own problems as well. To learn more, read here: Hypersalivation: Causes and treatment

Why You Want To Get Whitening from Your Dentist

With more and more players getting into the “teeth whitening” business these days, and with fads like “Charcoal whitening products” saturating the market, there needs to be a reason for people to entertain the thought of visiting their local cosmetic dentist for teeth whitening. This article here explains why that should be the case: http://ezinearticles.com/?The-Case-for-Professional-Teeth-Whitening&id=9761298

Vivica Fox On Oral Hygiene

You might be wondering why an actress, like Vivica Fox, is talking about oral hygiene, and the truth is, if anyone should know about oral hygiene – it’s actors! They are constantly locking lips with complete strangers, and if oral hygiene is something an actor is not aware . . . think of how damaging […]