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You May Want To Ease Up On The Charcoal

7 Ways To Use A Banana Peel

Apparently bananas have a plethora of uses. I only ever knew them to be able to shine shoes, and that was due to the movie, “The Edge,” with Sir Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin.  And yet today I found out that you could whiten your teeth with the banana peel as well. Check out the […]

Whitening Fads Are All The Rage

If you’re into teeth whitening, then you’ve already heard, or even bought, a charcoal-based product . . . right? How about coconut oil? Have you been “pulling” for awhile now? Only those who have been working this “tactic” know what we’re even talking about, but if you have no clue what any of this mean […]

Stem Cells Just Got A Huge Boost

The future of biotechnology is stem cells. Everyone knows this by now; but what you might not know is that 20% of all stem cells are lost over time after they have been extracted. And here’s something even more disheartening – many stem cells are lost when they are recovered from bone marrow  or the […]